‘Insta’ perfect kids parties: from the yum to your…seat.

14 August 2018

Gone are the simple days of pass the parcel, pin the tail on the donkey and a sugary feast of fairy bread and home-made cake. Kids parties are bigger, brighter and simply… beautiful. Mum’s and Dads world-wide have given up the midnight cake decorating, shirked the last-minute room-dressing and are now outsourcing these magical moments for a (smarter) stress-free approach to an Instagram-worthy #kidsparty for their little princess or dinosaur.

Think high-tea, mermaids, emoji’s, fairies, superheroes, and think BIG. Themed parties is trending now and the attention to detail is next level. Invitations, decorations, catering, right down to your table settings – it’s all thought of and it’s the details that make these parties, epic.

To theme or not to theme?

Themed parties have an added air of anticipation for guests, excitement to the party and a degree of focus for the folks pulling it all together by helping narrow the scope when searching for food and decoration ideas. If in doubt, theme up!

“Chairs” to the unsung party heroes.

Any successful party is built upon the foundation of great furniture. The tables that carefully and responsibly support all of that magical food, the seats that hold the little darlings safely. Everyone will remember the party where the table legs buckled and cake tumbled to the floor, or when wee Asher fell backwards off the flimsy chair. No-one wants to be that parent. Quality chairs and tables specifically designed for kids is a sound investment for any Rental and Event company.

Top 6 features to look for in event seating for kids:

#1: Stylish and easy to theme

An elegant and classic chair style will ensure you keep up with the current trends whether the theme is fairies or emoji’s. Kids chairs that are easy to decorate but also look sophisticated in their own right allows parents to choose how much they decorate, without compromising on style. With bright colours trending for 2018, white kids chairs that go with any colour are a sure-fire hit for any inventory. Gold seating is a popular choice in room ‘dressing’ giving a sophisticated look to any magical, enchanting or royal party, and you can’t go past the classic pretty pink or smurf-tastic blue kids seat to suit most other themes. We’ve seen fairy wings, super hero capes, floral headpieces, and balloons adorn the backs of kids chairs, creating a stunning look at the party table.

#2: Safe and sturdy

Safety is paramount and seating that has no dangerous parts or sharp edges is a must. It’s hard enough getting kids to stop for a moment, but your best bet is when there is food in front of them! Kids chairs need to be sturdy enough to handle the most wriggliest of bods. Look for a kid-friendly finish to your seating solution – no splinters, no screws? No worries!

#3: Kid sized – they’re little people, remember!

Appropriately-sized furniture signals to kids that this is for them. They don’t have to struggle with climbing up onto an adult-sized chair, or attempt to eat their meal with their head barely above the table. Kid-sized seating ensures guests can sit properly (and safely) at the table. Their feet can reach the floor and have great posture – which is actually pretty important in terms of digestion when little ones are chowing down on food! A comfortable guest = a happy guest. (It’s worth pointing out that kid-sized settings are actually great at any grown up party – how cool to keep little ones in theme at a wedding, or large family gathering?!)

#4: Easy to clean

Children. Are. Messy. FACT. Anyone who has children, or has seen a child eat will realise that furniture will get dirty. Kids chairs that will be used many times over need to have a fuss-free design (no grooves, nooks or crannies) and be super easy to clean to avoid the next customer receiving a hidden present of a week old piece of cake.

#5: Durable yet lightweight

Kids are tough. Their furniture needs to be tougher. Seats need to be able to withstand being stood on, wriggled on, painted with ketchup and pushed over when it suddenly turns into a ‘boat’. This strength needs to be built into a lightweight design that ensures their small guests can easily move their seat into a comfortable position. Another trend that is set to go bananas is ‘back to nature’, which will see furniture used outdoors regularly so UV resistant seating will help protect your investment as this trend evolves.

#6: Stackable and foldable

This goes for any rental furniture, but kids event seating must be easy and efficient to transport, simple to set up, and they must be either stackable or foldable in order to maximise space during transportation and storage when not in use.

Investing in style, quality and durability will see your inventory last beyond the current trends. Offer your customers a sophisticated, yet practical, seating solution for their next big event with little bods and make their day #insta-perfect from top to bottom!

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